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Paper Anniversary Gift Ideas, What to get your spouse on the first anniversary?

paper anniversary gifts

The first anniversary is a special time, and finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. Did you know that the first anniversary is symbolised by paper? Paper is innocent and fragile just like the first year in marriage, and it’s been a year of adjustments and new beginnings. Paper represents a journey together at the very start; it’s still being written. Each piece is a blank page for people to fill in. Paper comes from trees and stems from little seeds that naturally grow yearly, just like a marriage. Although paper is fragile, if it’s looked after and nurtured it can be strong–but woe betides if it’s neglected! It can rip or tear apart.

Here are our top ten gift ideas for this wonderful anniversary:

1. Paper Charts

Your wedding chart is made of paper, but you can keep it safe by putting it in a laminated pouch. Or get one with leather binding if you want something more permanent.

2. Anniversary books or journals

A great gift for you to fill with photos and notes of your anniversaries together. This keepsake can be enjoyed every year as a reminder of the wonderful times that you’ve shared.

3. Photo Frames

You could write your wedding vows or a lovely poem and place them in a photo frame. Or you could insert one picture of the two of you into the frame, with words describing how much love there is between you (or something else heart warming).

We have an excellent choice of photo frames. Also, have a look at our personalised frames. You could even put one of our paper charts in a frame.

4. Gift Experiences

A good way to give a paper gift is to give a voucher with an experience to share–it could be a lovely getaway in a hotel with a romantic meal for two; tea for two with prosecco; or even ride in hot air balloon! You could also buy plane tickets to go somewhere special to you both or tickets to theatre or concert. There are plenty of options available!

5. Flowers

According to our research, the Pansy is the flower that symbolises the first anniversary, not the carnation that a lot of sites suggest. Carnations are more profoundly used as they are seasonal and are readily cut for bouquets. The pansy is more seasonal and better for planting in the garden.

Unlike other plants, the pansy’s delicate nature resembles the beginning of a marriage–when it is most vulnerable. However, if nurtured properly and treated with care, this tiny flower will flourish into something beautiful.

The purple pansy represents the joy of spending time together, while the white one symbolizes love. Your loved ones think about you often.

6. Jewellery

The gemstone traditionally associated with the first wedding anniversary is freshwater pearls. These come from mussels living in freshwater lakes, rivers or ponds—whereas cultured pearls are created by oysters inhabiting saltwater environments.

You can get beautiful jewellery made with freshwater pearls. Have a look at our necklaces, bracelets and rings.

7. Humorous gifts

If the couple has a good sense of humour, they might enjoy one of our mug sets: Mr Right/ Mrs Always Right or The Boss /The Real Boss.

8. Celebrating.

Keeping with the paper theme how about a romantic picnic using paper plates and cups or if you want to celebrate with family and friends you could have a BBQ. Just don’t forget the champagne.

9. Modern 1st Anniversary Gift theme

The modern first-anniversary gift is a clock. Clocks represent all the years you and your partner have ahead of you as time never ends; it’s a fitting present for the occasion!

10. Have a Spa Day

Relax and rejuvenate with a spa day together. Taking time out to relax and become one again is a great way to celebrate your first anniversary. If you’re looking for something special, treat yourselves to a couples massage. These days there are many different types of massages available—including Thai, Swedish and Shiatsu massage.

Bonus Idea: First Dance Lyrics Print

A framed print of a song lyrics or poem that holds special significance for your relationship such as your fist dance. This is a great keepsake of your first dance, and will be something that you can treasure for years to come. It’s a thoughtful gift that will surely bring back memories of those special moments.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you will find a gift that suits you and your partner. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, go with the mug sets. If money is no object and you want something more unusual, then perhaps one of our other ideas would be more suitable. We’ve many, many more gift ideas on our Anniversary Ideas site if you want further inspiration.